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Do you remember these old golden days of D&D games? Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry, Land of Lore and others? I do. And I must say that I enjoyed these games. It wasn't about mega-super-3D-engines with 70fps-frame-rates, but it was mainly about atmosphere, it was hard to get through and there was great ideas behind. And that's the point of this project. To create game system where some people can create D&D games and other people can play them.

We don't use D&D or AD&D rules, because we think that these are game rules more for desk games. Computers can handle more complicated and more dynamic game system. Our game system was born from WizardryVII, what is, by our meanings, The Game - simply the best.

We have choosen Java as programming platform, to program it once and run it everywhere. It means that LostHero is now running on Windows 95,98,ME,2000,XP and on Linux with X-Windows.

Lost hero now has:
- support for running individual games
- pseudo 3D game engine (smooth moving like in Lands of Lore I, not jumping from square to square)
- own language, which is used in dungeons, for spells, NPC, etc.
- dynamic system of parameters, what means that it's very easy to add new game rules and it keeps old game saves
- multi-language support
- editor to create own games

25.11.2003 - Actually we are in stage of finishing first game. If you have at home games for D&D or others RPG game system on paper, please write us and we can make it happend in the world of lost hero.

But you can download actual version to see how far we got.

I hope, that you will enjoy this game and that we will be able to present you finished game in very near future.


(c) 2004 by Hideoshi

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